Clearly Corrects a Crossbite

If you think you have a crossbite, take our short quiz to find out if Clearly is a good fit for you.

A crossbite occurs when the upper and lower teeth do not align properly. There are two types of crossbite. In an anterior crossbite, the front teeth are affected. In a posterior crossbite, the back teeth are affected. In both cases, one or more of the upper teeth sit behind the lower teeth. A crossbite can lead to jaw problems, tooth decay, and gum problems if left untreated. There are several possible causes of a crossbite, including childhood thumb sucking or genetics. The best way to find out if Clearly can treat your crossbite is to order an impression kit.

How Does Clearly Fix a Crossbite?

Orthodontists are the only experts on healthy teeth movement. That’s why only orthodontists have final approval over your treatment plan. Other aligners may only address the “social six”, or frontmost teeth, but we know better. For a straight smile that lasts, you can’t just address part of the problem. Clearly values attention to detail. We ensure the healthy movement of absolutely every tooth when creating your treatment plan.