Our Mission

Your mailbox probably has a package from Amazon. Your last pizza was surely delivered. In a world where seemingly anything can come straight to your door, Clearly was created to make expert orthodontic care just as accessible.

We’re Dedicated to:


Safe Remote Treatment

We knew from day 1 that we wanted to make orthodontics more accessible, without sacrificing quality of care. When you order aligners at home, your treatment plan will have the same attention to detail that you’d want from going into an office. It’s just more convenient.



Transparent Pricing

No hidden fees or upsells. With Clearly, we give it to you straight. You’ll know what you’re getting into and can customize your own plan. Even choose to pay monthly or as a discounted one-time payment.


Exclusively Expert Care

Clearly is led by orthodontists because only orthodontists have specialized experience in healthy teeth movement. Our treatment is able to service a wider variety of spacing, crowding and bite issues because of this. Not just the mild cases, like other aligner providers.



Finding More Reasons to Smile

We want to go the extra mile to make you smile, every time. That’s why we offer mobile clinics AND remote treatment – so everyone can find the right fit.


Join Our Clearly Crew

If it sounds like we’re the right fit for you, take our quiz to find out if we can treat your spacing, crowding or bite issues